spring skin

A spring awakening for your skin

Spring is a great time to pamper your skin. Coming out of a long cold and dry season, your skin may not be looking its best – and that’s okay. Your dermatologist can help guide you through personalized skincare solutions for the spring and treat those stubborn skin, hair, or nail issues that have troubled […]

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exercise skincare

Exercise Skincare: Skin-Friendly Fitness Habits

You exercise regularly to maintain your personal wellness, but do you ever stop to ponder how your workout routine might be affecting your skin? Dermal health can be heavily impacted by your fitness habits, and chances are you could be doing more to protect it. Follow these dermatologist-approved exercise skincare tips before, during, and after each […]

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New Year's resolutions

14 New Year’s resolutions for healthier skin

As we recover from weeks (months?) of indulgences and stress thanks to the holiday season, it’s natural to want to change our ways this time of year. Though they may seem doomed, New Year’s resolutions aren’t all bad. As Stanford University reports, “Research shows that when people resolve to change, they immediately feel more confident, […]

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