10 facts about telemedicine

10 Facts Nobody Told You About Telemedicine



SkyMD: The Gold Standard for Telemedicine


It is time to accept change and embrace the telemedicine movement. The old way of waiting 30 days to be seen by your local dermatologist is over. SkyMD has created an online dermatology accessible to nearly everyone in the United States. All you need is a computer, tablet, or mobile device and an internet connection. Check out these 10 facts nobody told about online dermatology that will make you ditch your doctor.


1.  The Best Dermatologist


SkyMD is owned and operated by, Dr. Antoanella Calame, a double board-certified dermatologist and dermatopathologist, who combines the latest scientific advances with the clinical art of medicine. She has expertise in complex skin diseases, Mohs surgery, and is an experienced teledermatology provider.


All of the SkyMD providers are board-certified dermatologists that have been vetted by Dr. Calame herself. Our providers are trained to take the time to review the patient’s photos, medical history, and symptoms in order to tailor the treatment specifically to his or her condition. This ensures that SkyMD patients will receive the highest quality treatment at their visit.


2. Convenient, Fast, and Easy


It is the 21st century, if it isn’t convenient, fast, and easy then we don’t want it. Here at SkyMD we give the greatest online dermatology experience while meeting all those requirements. Nothing is more relatable to that then being treated from anywhere at any time, in under 10 minutes, and all from the palm of your own hand with just a few pictures.


3. Find Comfort in Privacy


We know going to the dermatologist can be stressful at times. Our online platform makes those personal chats with your doctor easy. Also, calling all introverts, don’t worry we got your back.  


4. Insurance Accepted


Insurance and medical care go hand in hand. If you run across a telemedicine platform that doesn’t accept any insurances STAY AWAY! That means they are strictly a cash-based online dermatology, which means profit before the patient. At SkyMD, we accept most major insurances and always put our patients before profit.


5. Affordable


Don’t have insurance? Don’t worry! Without insurance, a SkyMD visit is only $89. We know some of our competitors are priced lower, but we feel you get what you pay for. All of our providers are board-certified dermatologist with years of experience. Our Apple Store reviews do the talking for us.


6. Not Just Another Acne Treatment Site

A few of these “Online Dermatology” sites are simply focusing on acne. We definitely have personalized acne treatment here at SkyMD, and we prescribe or don’t prescribe the medicine that best fits all our patients’ needs. We also treat the following and more:


If it’s on your skin, we will treat it!


7. Ongoing Communication with Doctor


Have you ever gone to your doctor and then hit them up with a text the next couple days about your question and concerns? We are guessing the answer is no unless they’re a family friend. With SkyMD, you have up to 7 days after your visit to message your board-certified dermatologist with medical questions, free of additional cost.


8. Prescription Assistance


Sadly, not many online or local clinics care about the pricing of the patient’s prescription. SkyMD will assist you in finding the best prescription prices that are available in your area.


9. Safe and Secure


Telemedicine is highly regulated and is compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Here at SkyMD we take our privacy very seriously. You can start your visit on our iTunes  or Google Play App with confidence that your information will not be misused.


10. High Customer Satisfaction


Telemedicine is a growing industry and relies heavily on feedback from patients. This is how our providers at SkyMD can make every online doctor visit the best experience for our patients. This is what our patients are saying about us online: Click here to see!


We take pride in the quality of service that we give to each of our patients. Every day we strive to be recognized as the #1 online dermatology in the world. For more information on SkyMD and online dermatology visit us at www.skymd.com.


Your Skin. Our Priority.


All the best,

Team SkyMD