skincare travel guide

Your Skincare Travel Guide

With colder, drier weather, end-of-year stress at work, endless errands to do, and lots of unhealthy sweets to tempt you – the holiday season isn’t an easy time for your skin.

Keeping your complexion healthy through the holidays can be a challenge. Perhaps the biggest hurdle? Travel.

Getting from point A to point B poses a unique set of challenges… hours spent on a train, plane, or even in your car can leave your skin looking less-than-lively when you reach your holiday destination. And that’s just the beginning. Give your skin the gift of health this holiday season with our top 5 tips for your travels:

Stay Hydrated

Chances are you’ll be exposed to super-dry air in transit. Especially on a long flight, the hours of exposure may leave your skin looking-less than vibrant. Paired with the stress of traveling, your skin won’t be so happy when you finally reach your destination. The key to making it through the havoc? Cleanse with a mild, lipid-free cleanser and moisturize before you depart and when you arrive at your destination. Keep your preferred moisturizer on hand to use as needed throughout your travels, and don’t forget chapstick. Opt for water instead of sugary or caffeinated beverages inflight.  

Pack with your skin in mind

When it comes to deciding what you need to bring, don’t reinvent the wheel. You won’t need all new products when traveling – take what works best for you at home and adapt as needed, considering the climate at your destination and how long your stay will be. Check the weather! Sometimes less is more: avoid anything that might irritate your skin while on-the-go.

Be Efficient

Save space and resources by packing travel-size skin care products. Carry-on friendly versions will help you save space and minimize hassle at the airport. Pack your products into resealable bags to stay organized and avoid a mess. Don’t waste space on ‘standard’ items like lotion and soap that will be available wherever you’re staying – focus on what you’ll need the most.

Try keeping a ‘travel kit’ that includes your skin care products and other toiletries, and keep it stocked and ready at all times so you won’t forget anything important as you scramble to pack.

Keep it Clean

Pack hand sanitizer wipes to use on the go. Be mindful of the surfaces that may come in contact with your skin during your travels. Bring some sanitizing wipes along to clean off your armrests, remote, and seat belt buckle. This is a good safeguard against sickness when you travel.

Arrive Rested and Relaxed

Have fun and don’t stress too much. Make the most of your vacation this holiday season! Unless you’re driving, bring along an eye mask so you can rest during your travels, particularly if you’re going red-eye. Use screens on low brightness to avoid eye strain. Have a strategy for coping with stressors. Though it can be a challenge while on vacation – especially during the holiday season – try to maintain as much balance in your diet as possible.

Take your dermatologist with you

How? With SkyMD you can visit with your preferred dermatologist from anywhere your travels take you. If a skin problem or question comes up on the go, don’t let it ruin your vacation.

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Happy, healthy holidays from your friends at SkyMD!